TitlePluto: Sentinel of the outer solar system
Author(s)Barrie W. Jones
PublicationCambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
Descriptionxii, 231p.
Abstract NoteOrbiting at the edge of the outer Solar System, Pluto is an intriguing object in astronomy. Since the fascinating events surrounding its discovery, it has helped increase our understanding of the origin and evolution of the Solar System, and raised questions about the nature and benefits of scientific classification. This is a timely and exciting account of Pluto and its satellites. The author uses Pluto as a case study to discuss discovery in astronomy, how remote astronomical bodies are investigated, and the role of classification in science by discussing Pluto's recent classification as a dwarf planet. Besides Pluto, the book also explores the rich assortment of bodies that constitute the Edgeworth–Kuiper Belt, of which Pluto is the largest innermost member. Richly illustrated, this text is written for general readers, amateur astronomers and students alike.
ISBN,Price9780521194365 : UKP 25.00(HB)
Item TypeBook
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