TitleElectrical resistivity of thin metal films
Author(s)Peter Wi�mann;Hans-Ulrich Finzel
PublicationBerlin, Springer, 2007.
Description1 online resource (vi, 126 p.) : ill
Abstract Note"The aim of the book is to give an actual survey on the resistivity of thin metal and semiconductor films interacting with gases. We discuss the influence of the substrate material and the annealing treatment of the films, presenting our experimental data as well as theoretical models to calculate the scattering cross section of the conduction electrons in the frame-work of the scattering hypothesis. Main emphasis is laid on the comparison of gold and silver films which exhibit nearly the same lattice structure but differ in their chemical activity. In conclusion, the most important quantity for the interpretation is the surface charging z while the correlation with the optical data or the frustrated IR vibrations seem to show a more material-specific character. Z can be calculated on the basis of the density functional formalism or the self-consistent field approximation using Mulliken's population analysis."--Jacket
Contents NoteCover -- Contents -- 1 Introduction -- References -- 2 The Scattering Hypothesis -- References -- 3 The Effect of Annealing on the Electrical Resistivity of Thin Silver Films -- References -- 4 The Effect of Annealing on the Electrical Resistivity of Thin Gold Films -- References -- 5 The Interaction of Oxygen and Ethylene with Silver and Gold Films -- References -- 6 Other Adsorbates on Silver and Gold Films -- 6.1 Xenon on Silver and Gold Films -- 6.2 CO on Silver and Gold Films -- 6.3 Hydrogen on Gold Films -- 6.4 Palladium on Gold Films -- References -- 7 Further Selected Adsorption Systems -- 7.1 Adsorption of CO and O2 on Palladium Films -- 7.2 The Fe/O System -- 7.3 The Ge/CO System -- References -- 8 Conclusions and Outlook -- References -- Index -- Last Page
NotesIncludes bibliographical references and index
Keyword(s)1. EBOOK 2. EBOOK - SPRINGER 3. Electric resistance 4. Metallic films 5. SCIENCE
Item TypeeBook
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