TitleControlled nanoscale motion : Nobel Symposium 131
Author(s)Heiner Linke (ed.);Alf M�ansson (ed.)
PublicationBerlin, Springer, 2007.
Description1 online resource (xx, 409 p.) : ill
Contents NoteNavigation on a micron scale / H.C. Berg -- Myosin motors: the chemical restraints imposed by ATP / I. Rayment and J. Allingham -- How linear motor proteins work / K. Oiwa and D.J. Manstein -- Axonal transport: imaging and modeling of a neuronal process / S.B. Shah ... [et al.] -- Intracellular transport and Kinesin superfamily proteins: structure, function and dynamics / N. Hirokawa and R. Takemura -- Studies of DNA-protein interactions at the single molecule level with magnetic tweezers / J.-F. Allemand ... [et al.] -- Membrane nanotubes / I. Der�enyi ... [et al.] -- Macromolecular motion at the nanoscale of enzymes working on polysaccharides / M. Sletmoen, G.S.-Braek and B.T. Stokke -- Brownian motion after Einstein: some new applications and new experiments / D. Selmeczi ... [et al.] -- Nonequilibrium fluctuations of a single biomolecule / C. Jarzynski -- When is a distribution not a distribution, and why would you care: single-molecule measurements of repressor protein 1-D diffusion on DNA / Y.M. Wang ... [et al.] -- BioNEMS: nanomechanical systems for single-molecule biophysics / J.L. Arlett ... [et al.] -- Nanodevices for single molecule studies / E.G. Craighead, S.M. Stains and K.T. Samiee -- Artificial dipolar molecular rotors / R.D. Horansky ... [et al.] -- Using DNA to power the nanoworld / B. Yurke -- Tuning ion current rectification in synthetic nanotubes / Z.S. Siwy and C.R. Martin -- NanoShuttles: harnessing motor proteins to transport cargo in synthetic environments / V. Vogel and H. Hess -- Nanotechnology enhanced functional assays of actomyosin motility -- potentials and challenges / A. Mansson ... [et al.]
Notes" ... based on selected contributions to the Nobel Symposium 131 on Controlled Nanoscale Motion in Biological and Artificial Systems, held on June 13-17, 2005, at B�ackaskog Slott in Sweden"--Pref. -Includes bibliographical references and index
Keyword(s)1. Biological transport, Active 2. Biomaterials 3. Biophysics/Biomedical Physics 4. EBOOK 5. EBOOK - SPRINGER 6. NANOTECHNOLOGY 7. SCIENCE 8. Soft Matter, Complex Fluids 9. Ultrastructure (Biology)
Item TypeeBook
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