TitleCatastrophic events caused by cosmic objects
Author(s)V.V. Adushkin (ed.);I.V. Nemchinov (ed.)
PublicationDordrecht, Springer, 2007.
Description1 online resource
Abstract NoteMany times all of us could hear from mass media that an asteroid approached and swept past the Earth. Such an asteroid or comet will inevitably strike the planet some day. This volume considers hazards due to collisions with cosmic objects, particularly in light of recent investigations of impacts by the authors. Each chapter written by an expert contains an overview of an aspect and new findings in the field. The main hazardous effects??? cratering, shock, aerial and seismic waves, fires, ejection of dust and soot, tsunami are described and numerically estimated. Numerical simulations of imp
Contents NoteFront Matter; Main Factors of Hazards Due to Comets and Asteroids; Size-Frequency Distribution Of Asteroids And Impact Craters: Estimates Of Impact Rate; Cometary Hazards; Bolides in the Earth Atmosphere; Geologic Effects of Large Terrestrial Impact Crater Formation; Thermal Radiation and Fires After Impacts of Cosmic Objects; Tunguska Catastrophe of 30 June 1908; High-Velocity Impact Ejecta: Tektites and Martian Meteorites; Marine Target Impacts; Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Effect; Impacts and Evolution of Early Earth; Back Matter
Keyword(s)1. ASTEROIDS 2. Collisions (Astrophysics) 3. EBOOK 4. EBOOK - SPRINGER 5. Near-earth asteroids
Item TypeeBook
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