TitleGeology and habitability of terrestrial planets
Author(s)Kathryn E. Fishbaugh ...
PublicationNew York, Springer, 2007.
Description1 online resource (304 p.) : ill. (some col.)
Contents NoteIntroduction : a multidisciplinary approach to habitability / K.E. Fishbaugh, D.J. Des Marais, O. Korablev, P. Lognonne, F. Raulin -- The geology and habitability of terrestrial planets : fundamental requirements for life / G. Southam, L.J. Rothschild, F. Westall -- Emergence of a habitable planet / K. Zahnle, N. Arndt, C. Cockell, A. Halliday, E. Nisbet, F. Selsis, N.H. Sleep -- Creating habitable zones, at all scales, from planets to mud micro-habitats, on Earth and on Mars / E. Nisbet, K. Zahnle, M.V. Gerasimov, J. Helbert, R. Jaumann, B.A. Hofmann, K. Benzerara, F. Westall -- Conversations on the habitability of worlds : the importance of volatiles / J.-L. Bertaux, M. Carr, D.J. Des Marais, E. Gaidos -- Water, life, and planetary geodynamical evolution / P. van Thienen, K. Benzerara, D. Breuer, C. Gillmann, S. Labrosse, P. Lognonn�e, T. Spohn -- Planetary/sun interactions / H. Lammer V. Dehant, O. Korablev, R. Lundin -- A comparative study of the influence of the active young sun on the early atmospheres of Earth, Venus, and Mars / Y.N. Kulikov, H. Lammer, H.I.M. Lichtenegger, T. Penz, D. Breuer, T. Spohn, R. Lundin, H.K. Biernat -- Planetary magnetic fields and solar forcing : implications for atmospheric evolution / R. Lundin H. Lammer, I. Ribas -- Planetary magnetic dynamo effect on atmospheric protection of early Earth and Mars / V. Dehant, H. Lammer, Y.N. Kulikov, J.-M. Griessmeier, D. Breuer, O. Verhoeven, �O. Karatekin, T. Van Hoolst, O. Korablev, P. Lognonn�e -- Epilogue : the origins of life in the solar system and future exploration / P. Lognonn�e, D. Des Marais, F. Raulin, K. Fishbaugh
Notes"Reprinted from Space science reviews, volume 129, issues 1-3, 2007.". -Includes bibliographical references
Keyword(s)1. Ausserirdisches Leben 2. EBOOK 3. EBOOK - SPRINGER 4. Erd�ahnlicher Planet 5. Geologie 6. HABITABLE PLANETS 7. LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS 8. PLANETS 9. SCIENCE
Item TypeeBook
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