TitleForces, growth and form in soft condensed matter : at the interface between physics and biology
Author(s)A.T. Skjeltorp (ed.);A.V. Belushkin (ed.)
PublicationDordrecht, 1. Kluwer Academic Publishers 2. Published in cooperation with NATO Scientific Affairs Division, 2004.
Description1 online resource (xvii, 244 p.) : ill
Abstract NoteThe book reviews the current experimental and theoretical knowledge of the synergism between modern physics, soft condensed matter and biology, presenting a thorough discussion of the relative role of the various fundamental interactions in such systems: electrostatic, hydrophobic, steric, conformational, van der Waals, etc. These competing interactions influence the form and topology of soft and biological matter, like polymers and proteins, leading to hierarchical structures in self-assembling systems and folding patterns sometimes described in terms of chirality, braids and knots. Finally
Contents NoteThe physico-chemical basis of self-assembling structures / J. Israelachvili, I. Ladyzinski -- Supramolecular assembly of biological molecules / C.R. Safinya -- Simple examples of cell motility / J.-F. Joanny -- Statistical physics of unzipping DNA / D.R. Nelson -- Can theory predict two-state protein folding rates? : an experimental perspective / B. Gillesbie, K.W. Plaxco -- Copolymers with long-range correlations : sequence design near a surface / N. Yu. Starovoitova, P.G. Khalatur, A.R. Khokhlov -- Novel approach to the study of rotational and translational diffusion in crystals / A.V. Belushkin -- The bacterial flagellar motor / R.M. Berry -- Self-assembly and the dynamics of magnetic holes / A.T. Skjeltorp ... [et al.] -- Structures in molecular networks / K. Sneppen, S. Maslov, K.A. Eriksen -- Oscillating gene expressions in regulatory networks / M.H. Jensen, K. Sneppen, T. Giana -- Transport properties of segmented polymers and non-spherical nanoparticles studied by Brownian dynamics simulation / S.N. Naess, A. Elgsaeter -- Cytokinesis : the initial linear phase crosses over to a multiplicity of non-linear endings / D. Biron ... [et al.] -- Information dynamics in living systems / J. Breivik
NotesIncludes bibliographical references (p. 231-234) and index
Keyword(s)1. BIOPHYSICS 2. Biophysique 3. EBOOK 4. EBOOK - SPRINGER 5. Electronic books 6. SCIENCE 7. Soft condensed matter
Item TypeeBook
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