TitleFrontiers of multifunctional integrated nanosystems
Author(s)Eugenia Buzaneva (ed.);Peter Scharff (ed.)
PublicationDordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004.
Description1 online resource (xii, 482 p.) : ill
Contents NoteCover -- Table of Contents -- Photograph of participants -- Preface -- Part I. Modeling and computer simulation of characteristics nanosystems -- Optical properties of small-radius SWNTs within a tight-binding model -- The electronic structure of nanotubes and the topological arrangements of carbon atoms -- Irradiation effect on the electron transport properties of single-walled carbon nanotube -- Calculation of the density profile of liquid located in the multi-walled carbon nanotube -- Small metal clusters: ab initio calculated bare clusters and models within fullerene cages -- Part II. Nanotechnology of building blocks and integrated nanosystems -- Nanoparticle reactions on chip -- Electrochemical charging of nanocarbons: fullerenes, nanotubes, peapods -- Nano-encapsulation of fullerene in dendrimers -- Irradiation-controlled adsorption and organization of biomolecules on surfaces: from the nanometric to the mesoscopic level -- Oriented immobilization of C-reactive protein on solid surface for biosensor applications -- Mesoporous aluminosilicates as a host and reactor for preparation of ordered metal nanowires -- Part III. Single and assembled molecules, nanoparticles on surface and interface investigations -- Scanning probe microscopy of biomacromolecules: instrumentation and experiments -- Surface science tools and their application to nanosystems like C60 on indium phosphide -- Polarized Raman spectroscopy of single layer and multilayer Ge/Si(001) quantum dot heterostructures -- Part IV. Fundamental properties of carbon integrated nanosystems -- Nanosystems of polymerized fullerenes and carbon-nanotubes -- Synthesis and characterization of C60-and C70 polymer phases -- The nanospace inside single-wall carbon nanotubes -- Mechanical properties of carbon thin films -- Part V. Fundamental properties of silicon integrated nanosystems -- Thin carbon layers on nanostructured silicon -- properties and applications -- 1D periodic structures obtained by deep anisotropic etching of silicon -- Diode Shottky systems on Al -- nanosilicon interface layer ... Si -- Part VI. Multifunctional applications of nanosystems -- VI. I. Moletronics -- Nano-bio electronic devices based on DNA bases and proteins -- DNA, DNA/metal nanoparticles, DNA/nanocarbon and macrocyclic metal complex/fullerene molecular building blocks for nanosystems: electronics and sensing -- VI. II. Electronics and photonics -- Silicon nanocrystals in SiO2 for memory devices -- On the route towards a monolithically integrated silicon photonics -- Photoluminescent nanosilicon systems -- Optical characterisation of opal photonic hetero-crystals -- VI. III. Spintronics and magneto-optoelectronics -- Magnetism in polymerized fullerenes -- Application of the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes: computation of the magnetic properties and the 13C NMR shifts -- Nanotube spintronics: magnetic systems based on carbon nanotubes -- Spin coherence and manipulation in Si/SiGe quantum wells -- Fundamental properties of ferromagnetic micro- and nanostructured films for application in optoelectronics -- VI. IV. Sensor nanosystems -- Porous silicon for chemical sensors -- Silicon micromachined sensors for gas detection -- Microporous zeolite membranes -- a useful tool for gas sensing systems -- Genomagnetic electrochemical biosensors -- Nanocapsules ... a novel tool for medicine and science -- Biological molecule conformations pr
Notes"Published in cooperation with NATO Scientific Affairs Division.". -Includes bibliographical references and index
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