TitleFlavor physics and the TeV scale
Author(s)George W.S. Hou
PublicationDordrecht Netherlands, Springer, 2009.
Description1 online resource (xiii, 143 p.) : ill
Abstract NoteThis monograph treats the usefulness of flavor physics as probes of the TeV scale, with the aim of providing a timely introduction to the emerging LHC era. By concentrating only with the TeV scale connection, a large part of the B factory output can be bypassed. The emphasis here is on loop-induced processes, which enables the probing of virtual TeV scale physics through quantum processes. Two-thirds of the book is concerned with b s or bs bs transitions. It takes an experimental perspective resulting in selecting processes, rather than the theories or models, as the basis to explore flavor ph
Contents NotePreface; Contents; to 1 Introduction; to 2 CP Violation in Charmless b s qq Transitions; to 3 Bs Mixing and sin2Bs; to 4 Hbold0mu mumu ++Raw++++ Probes: b bold0mu mumu Raw sbold0mu mumu Raw and B bold0mu mumu Raw; to 5 Electroweak Penguin: bsZ Vertex, Zbold0mu mumu Raw, Dark Matter; to 6 Right-Handed Currents and Scalar Interactions; to 7 Bottomonium Decay and New Physics; to 8 D and K Systems: Box and EWP Redux; to 9 Lepton Number Violating bold0mu mumu Raw and bold0mu mumu Raw Decay; to 10 Discussion and Conclusion; to A A CP Violation Primer; Index
NotesIncludes bibliographical references and index
Keyword(s)1. B mesons 2. CP violation (Nuclear physics) 3. EBOOK 4. EBOOK - SPRINGER 5. Flavor 6. PARTICLES (NUCLEAR PHYSICS) 7. PHYSICS 8. Quantum flavor dynamics 9. SCIENCE
Item TypeeBook
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