TitleHomo novus - a human without illusions
Author(s)Ulrich J. Frey (ed.);Charlotte St�ormer (ed.);Kai P. Willf�uhr (ed.)
PublicationBerlin, Springer, 2010.
Description1 online resource
Contents NoteIllusion number 1. Humans are exceptional. The position of man in the cosmos / Bernulf Kanitscheider ; Living differences / Volker Sommer and Amy R. Parish ; Nothing to talk about / Julia Fischer -- Illusion number 2. We are independent of our sociobiological roots. The true egoist is cooperative / Christian Vogel ; The social brain and its implications / Robin Dunbar ; Why most theories get it wrong / Julia Pradel and Detlef Fetchenhauer -- Illusion number 3. The biological imperative doesn't matter to us. Mortality crises and their consequences for human life histories / Charlotte St�ormer and Kai P. Willf�uhr ; Costs and consequences of reproduction / Virpi Lummaa ; Height and reproductive success / Rebecca Sear -- Illusion number 4. The past doesn't echo in our heads. Developmental psychology without dualistic illusions / Athanasios Chasiotis ; the psychology of families / Harald A. Euler -- Illusion number 5. Moral, religion and culture are social constructions. Moral normativity is (naturally) grown / Kurt Bayertz ; The origins of symbolic culture / Chris Knight ; Belief in Melanesia / Wulf Schiefenh�ovel -- Illusion number 6. We are free in what we want. Free will / Gerhard Roth ; Could I have done otherwise? / Gerhard Vollmer -- Epilogue. Modern illusions of humankind / Ulrich J. Frey
NotesIncludes bibliographical references and index
Keyword(s)1. EBOOK 2. EBOOK - SPRINGER 3. Evolutionary psychology 4. Evolutionspsychologie 5. Hominisation 6. Human beings 7. Human biology 8. HUMAN EVOLUTION 9. Humanbiologie 10. PHILOSOPHY 11. SOCIAL SCIENCE
Item TypeeBook
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