TitleHydrodynamic instability and transition to turbulence
Author(s)Akiva M. Yaglom (ed.);Uriel Frisch (ed.)
PublicationDordrecht, Springer, 2012.
Description1 online resource
Abstract NoteThis book is a complete revision of the part of Monin & Yaglom's famous two-volume work "Statistical Fluid Mechanics: Mechanics of Turbulence" that deals with the theory of laminar-flow instability and transition to turbulence. It includes the considerable advances in the subject that have been made in the last 15 years or so. It is intended as a textbook for advanced graduate courses and as a reference for research students and professional research workers.The first two Chapters are an introduction to the mathematics, and the experimental results, for the instability of laminar (or inviscid) flows to infinitesimal (in practice "small") disturbances. The third Chapter develops this linear theory in more detail and describes its application to particular problems. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with instability to finite-amplitude disturbances: much of the material has previously been available only in research papers
Contents NoteForeword by Uriel Frisch -- In Memory of Akiva M. Yaglom: Obituary by Peter Bradshaw -- 1The equations of fluid dynamics and some of their consequences -- 2 Basic experimental facts and introduction to linear stability theory -- 3 More about linear stability theory -- studies of the initial-value problem -- 4 Stability to finite disturbances: energy method and Landau's equation -- 5 Further weakly-nonlinear approaches to laminar-flow stability: Blasius boundary layer flow as a paradigm
Keyword(s)1. EBOOK 2. EBOOK - SPRINGER 3. Laminar flow 4. TURBULENCE
Item TypeeBook
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