TitleA walk through the heavens : a guide to stars and constellations and their legends
Author(s)Milton D. Heifetz, Wil Tirion ; [illustrations by Wil Tirion]
EditionThird edition
Description1 online resource (vii, 87 pages) : digital, PDF file(s)
Abstract NoteWhat star is that? Where is the Great Bear? A Walk through the Heavens is a beautiful and easy-to-use guide to the constellations of the northern hemisphere. By following the unique simplified maps, readers will be able to easily find and identify the constellations and the stars within them. Ancient myths and legends of the sky are retold, adding to the mystery of the stars. Written for the complete beginner, this practical guide introduces the patterns of the starry skies in a memorable way. No equipment is needed, apart from normal sight and clear skies
Contents Notept. 1. Measuring distances in the sky -- Distances to the stars -- The brightness of stars -- The Milky Way -- Life in the heavens -- Instructions for use of the atlas -- Four seasonal star maps -- pt. 2. A walk through the heavens -- Starting from the Big Dipper -- To locate Polaris in the Little Dipper -- To locate Cassiopeia -- To locate Cepheus -- To locate the Northern Cross (Cygnus) -- To locate Vega in Lyra -- To locate Draco -- To locate Arcturus in Bootes -- To locate Cor Caroli in Cances Venatici -- To locate Corona Borealis -- To locate Hercules -- To locate Perseus and Andromeda -- To locate Pegasus -- To locate Hamal in Aries, Diphda in Cetus and Formalhaut in Piscis Austrinus -- To locate Spica in Virgo -- To locate Corvus -- To locate Hydra, the Water Snake -- To locate Leo -- To locate Cancer -- General summary of pathways -- The Orion area -- Starting from Orion -- To locate Sirius in Canis Major -- To locate Procyon in Canis Minor -- To locate Taurus and its star clusters the Hyades and the Pleiades -- To locate the Pleiades -- To locate Gemini -- To locate Auriga -- To locate Lepus, Columba, Eridanus and Cetus -- To locate Ophiuchus -- To locate Serpens -- To locate Antares in Scropius -- To locate Sagittarius -- To locate Libra -- pt. 3. Legends of the Heavens -- Legend of Andromeda -- Legend of Aquarius -- Legend of Aquila -- Legend of Aries -- Legend of Auriga -- Legend of Bootes -- Legend of Canis Major and Minor -- Legend of Cassiopeia -- Legend of Cetus -- Legend of Coma Berenices -- Legend of Corona Borealis -- Legend of Corvus -- Legend of the Crater -- Legend of Cygnus -- Legend of Delphinus the Dolphin -- Legend of Draco the Dragon -- Legend of Eridanus -- Legend of Gemini -- Legend of Hercules -- Legend of Hydra the Water Snake -- Legend of Leo -- Legend of Libra -- Legend of Lyra -- Legend of Ophiuchus -- Legend of Orion -- Legend of Pegasus -- Legend of Perseus -- Legend of the Pleiades -- Legend of Sagitta the Arrow -- Legend of Saggitarius -- Legend of Scorpius -- Legend of Taurus -- Legend of Ursa Major -- Legend of Virgo -- Legends of the Milky Way -- pt. 4. There's more to see! -- Circumpolar constellations -- Test of vision -- Planets -- Binocular sights -- Meteor showers -- The brightest stars -- Navigational stars -- Minor constellations -- Constellations -- index
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