TitleClassical novae
Author(s)edited by Michael F. Bode, Aneurin Evans
EditionSecond edition
Description1 online resource (xxii, 375 pages) : digital, PDF file(s)
Abstract NoteThis second edition has been updated and revised and contains contributions covering important developments in this field, and reflecting on interesting insights into classical novae. The book examines thermonuclear processes, the evolution of nova systems, nova atmospheres and winds, the evolution of dust and molecules in novae, nova remnants and observations of novae in other galaxies. It includes observations across the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma rays, and discusses some of the most important outstanding problems in classical nova research
Contents NoteNovae : an historical perspective / Hilmar W. Duerbeck -- Properties of novae : an overview / Brian Warner -- The evolution of nova-producing binary stars / Icko Iben Jr. and Masayuki Y. Fujimoto -- Thermonuclear processes / Sumner Starrfield, Christian Iliadis, and W. Raphael Hix -- Nova atmospheres and winds / Peter H. Hauschildt -- Observational mysteries and theoretical challenges for abundance studies / Jordi Jose?? and Steven N. Shore -- Radio emission from novae / E.R. Seaquist and M.F. Bode -- Infrared studies of classical novae / Robert D. Gehrz -- Optical and ultraviolet evolution / Steven N. Shore -- X-ray emission from classical novae in outburst / Joachim Krautter -- Gamma-rays from classical novae / Margarita Hernanz -- Resolved nebular remnants / T.J. O'Brien and M.F. Bode -- Dust and molecules in nova environments / A. Evans and J.M.C. Rawlings -- Extragalactic novae / Allen W. Shafter
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Keyword(s)Stars, New
Item TypeBook
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