TitleAcoustics of Layered Media II : Point Sources and Bounded Beams
Author(s)Brekhovskikh, Leonid M;Godin, Oleg A
PublicationBerlin, Heidelberg, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1999.
DescriptionXV, 524 p : online resource
Abstract NoteAcoustics of Layered Media II presents the theory of sound propagation and reflection of spherical waves and bounded beams in layered media. It is mathematically rigorous but at the same time care is taken that the physical usefulness in applications and the logic of the theory are not hidden. Both moving and stationary media, discretely and continuously layered, including a range-dependent environment, are treated for various types of acoustic wave sources. Detailed appendices provide further background on the mathematical methods. This second edition reflects the notable recent progress in the field of acoustic wave propagation in inhomogeneous media
Keyword(s)1. ACOUSTICS 2. EBOOK 3. EBOOK - SPRINGER 4. Fluid- and Aerodynamics 5. FLUIDS 6. GEOPHYSICS 7. Geophysics and Environmental Physics 8. Geophysics/Geodesy
Item TypeeBook
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