TitleCharacterization Techniques of Glasses and Ceramics
Author(s)Rincon, Jesus Ma;Romero, Maximina
PublicationBerlin, Heidelberg, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1999.
DescriptionXII, 241 p : online resource
Abstract NoteThis monograph deals with the most useful and modern methods for characterising the inorganic materials such as glasses and glass-ceramics, traditional and advanced. After a short chapter focused on determination of rare earths in ceramics and minerals, there are three chapters showing the fundamentals and main applications of most advanced microstructure techniques for investigating glasses and ceramics: new microscopies (STM, AFM) and electron microscopy methods such as CBED and HREM. Three more chapters are dedicated to the basis and wide applications of thermal methods, one focused on applications on zeolite materials. The XRD for texture analysis and recent advances in fluorescence methods are also considered in two chapters. Finally, the M??ssbauer spectroscopy for the investigation of glasses and glass-ceramics and neutron diffraction for the same type of materials is widely treated
Keyword(s)1. Characterization and Evaluation of Materials 2. EBOOK 3. EBOOK - SPRINGER 4. Electronic materials 5. MATERIALS SCIENCE 6. Measurement Science and Instrumentation 7. Measurement?????? 8. MICROSCOPY 9. Optical and Electronic Materials 10. OPTICAL MATERIALS 11. Phase transitions (Statistical physics) 12. Phase Transitions and Multiphase Systems 13. PHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS 14. SOLID STATE PHYSICS 15. SPECTROSCOPY 16. Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Item TypeeBook
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