TitleDigital Fourier Analysis: Advanced Techniques
Author(s)Kido, Ken'iti
PublicationNew York, NY, Springer New York, 2015.
DescriptionXIII, 178 p. 100 illus. in color : online resource
Abstract NoteThis textbook is a thorough, accessible introduction to advanced digital Fourier analysis for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.??Assuming knowledge of the Fast Fourier Transform, this book covers advanced topics including the Hilbert transform, cepstrum analysis, and the two-dimensional Fourier transform. Saturated with clear, coherent illustrations, "Digital Fourier Analysis - Advanced Techniques" includes practice problems and thorough Appendices. As a central feature, the book includes interactive applets (available online) that mirror the illustrations.??These user-friendly applets animate concepts interactively, allowing the user to experiment with the underlying mathematics.??The applet source code in Visual Basic is provided online, enabling advanced students to tweak and change the programs for more sophisticated results. A complete, intuitive guide, "Digital Fourier Analysis - Advanced Techniques" is an essential reference for students in science and engineering
Keyword(s)1. APPLIED MATHEMATICS 2. EBOOK 3. EBOOK - SPRINGER 4. ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 5. FOURIER ANALYSIS 6. Mathematical and Computational Engineering 7. Mathematical Methods in Physics 8. Numeric Computing 9. NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 10. PHYSICS
Item TypeeBook
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