TitleBounds on the Effective Theory of Gravity in Models of Particle Physics and Cosmology
Author(s)Atkins, Michael
PublicationCham, Springer International Publishing, 2014.
DescriptionXII, 100 p. 11 illus., 2 illus. in color : online resource
Abstract NoteThe effective theory of quantum gravity coupled to models of particle physics is being probed by cutting edge experiments in both high energy physics (searches for extra dimensions) and cosmology (testing models of inflation). This thesis derives new bounds that may be placed on these models both theoretically and experimentally. In models of extra dimensions, the internal consistency of the theories at high energies are investigated via perturbative unitarity bounds. Similarly it is shown that recent models of Higgs inflation suffer from a breakdown of perturbative unitarity during the inflationary period. In addition, the thesis uses the latest LHC data to derive the first ever experimental bound on the size of the Higgs boson's non-minimal coupling to gravity
Keyword(s)1. Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory 2. COSMOLOGY 3. EBOOK 4. EBOOK - SPRINGER 5. GRAVITATION 6. NUCLEAR PHYSICS 7. Particle and Nuclear Physics
Item TypeeBook
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