TitleComplexity and Control in Quantum Photonics
Author(s)Shadbolt, Peter
PublicationCham, Springer International Publishing, 2016.
DescriptionXVIII, 208 p. 55 illus., 2 illus. in color : online resource
Abstract NoteThis work explores the scope and flexibility afforded by integrated quantum??photonics, both in terms of practical problem-solving, and for the pursuit of??fundamental science. The author demonstrates and fully characterizes a two-qubit quantum photonic chip, capable of arbitrary two-qubit state preparation. Making use of the unprecedented degree of reconfigurability afforded by this device, a novel variation on Wheeler???s delayed choice experiment is implemented, and a new technique to obtain nonlocal statistics without a shared reference frame is tested. Also presented is a new algorithm for quantum chemistry, simulating the helium hydride ion. Finally, multiphoton quantum interference in a large Hilbert space is demonstrated, and its implications for computational complexity are examined
Keyword(s)1. Chemistry, Physical and theoretical 2. EBOOK 3. EBOOK - SPRINGER 4. QUANTUM COMPUTERS 5. Quantum computing 6. Quantum Information Technology, Spintronics 7. QUANTUM OPTICS 8. QUANTUM PHYSICS 9. SPINTRONICS 10. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Item TypeeBook
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