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+21st Century Science & Technology (Now availble only Online from Vol 19)
+AAS CD-ROM Series; Astrophysics on Disc
+AAVSO Bulletin
+AAVSO Circular (Discountinued from 2001)
+ASP Conference Series (Only Online)
+American Journal of Physics
+American Scientist
+Annals of Library and Information Studies
+Annals of physics (Discontinued from Jan 2007)
+Annual Report: IUCAA
+Apeiron (Discountinued from 2001)(Only Online access from 2001)
+Applied Optics
+Archaeoastronomy: Supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy
+Astronomical Journal
+Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
+Astronomische Nachrichten
+Astronomy And Astrophysics
+Astronomy Letters (Formerly- Soviet Astronomy Letters)
+Astronomy Reports (Formerly Soviet Astronomy)
+Astronomy and Astrophysics Review
+Astronomy and Geophysics (Formerly Quarterly Journal of the RAS)(Discontinued from Jan 2007)
+Astrophysical Journal
+Astrophysical Journal Letters
+Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
+Astrophysical Letters and Communications (Stopped publishing Since 2002)
+Australian Journal of Astronomy
+Bhavana: The Mathematics Magazine
+Bioastronomy News(Discontinued from Jan 1998)
+Bona Mathematica
+Bulletin of Materials Science
+Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India
+Bulletin of the Indian Association of physics teachers
+Bulletin: IASLIC
+Bulletin: Indian Library Association
+Bulletin: Teaching of Astronomy in Asian-Pacific Region
+Business India
+Byte(Suspended from July 1998)
+COSPAR Information Bulletin (COmmittee on SPAce Research)
+Celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy: An interl.jnl.of space dynamics
+Civil Engineering & Construction Review
+Classical and Quantum Gravity
+Classical and Quantum Gravity ( Missing Collection- 1993-2002) (One time Payment)
+Classical and Quantum Gravity - Archive (Missing Collection - 1984-1992)
+Communications in Mathematical Physics (Discontinued from Jan 2007)
+Computers Today [Ceased from August 2002]
+Computers in Physics
+Computing in Science and Engineering
+Construction World
+Contemporary Physics (Discontinued from Jan 2007)
+Current Content (Journals) IPR Library
+Current Science
+Current contents: Physical,chemical & earth sciences/On diskette with abstractsh
+DLIBCOM - Digital Library Communication
+Digit Magazine