To Log in as a user, click Login on the home page. Type the User ID and Password and click Log In. To change your password, click Change Password. Type User ID, Old Password and New Password. Click Change. To Undo the action, click Reset. Following operations are possible for the Logged in Borrower:


View Loans

To view the loans in the borrower's name, click Loans. List of Loans will be displayed. To Reissue the item, click on the serial number. To view the reservation queue for the item, click the Reservations count in the Current Reservations column.


View Claims

To view the reservations by the borrower, click Claims. The details of the item reserved by the logged in borrower will be displayed. To see the reservation queue for the item, click the Accession number. To cancel the claim, click 'X' in the delete column.


View Recent Arrivals

To view the Recent Additions to the library collection, click Recent Arrivals. The items list will appear, which will display the items acquired in the library in the last 30 days. You can specify the number of days and whether you want to see the items for All Subjects or My subjects (defined in SDI as the subjects of interest).


View My Readings

To view the details of the books, that the logged in borrower has read earlier, click My Readings. To view the log, you can specify the date range or number of days and the item types and click Submit . Eg. if you select the number of days as 30, the result set will show the title, author and read count of items read by the logged in borrower in the last 30 days. To view the circulation details, click serial number of the item. 


View Rules

To view the Lending Policies applicable to the category of the logged in borrower, click Rules.


To end the session, click Logout.