Simple Search

Type the word to be searched in the Search text box and click Go. The search engine will search the word in all the access points and the result will be displayed according to the match found.

Advanced Search

Here you can specify different selection criteria for the search, such as range of Accession Dates, Accession Numbers and  Year of Publication. You can also select one or more material types as well as choose the catalogues to be searched.

The Catalogue menu list allow you to select a catalogue or item description field using which you formulate a search. A catalogue has index entries which speed up the search. For example, the Author catalogue has names of authors (usually surname first.)

Contains This conducts the search for the word (s) you enter through library item detail description and the catalogue entries. Searching Bjarne through Author will fetch items by "Stroustrup, Bjarne".
Begins with Use this if you are searching for an author by surname, a key word by the leading term. The catalogues and the item details are also available for browsing. A browse through the key word catalogue gives a good idea of the subjects covered by the library collection.
Is This is useful if a search using an exact match is required.
Material Types  
  During Customization of WebSlim, you can set the material types that should be selected by default. If you want to select any other types, you can choose it from the list of material types. For example, CD-ROM and Books if you want the search result to include only CD-ROMS and Books but no articles etc.
Publication Year Range  
  By default all items are selected regardless of the publication year. You can provide a range of publication years such as 1996 and 1999 (4 digits, all numeric, provide both the upper and the lower limit). When a range is specified, items with publication years within this range are considered for inclusion in the result set.
Accession Number Range  
  By default all items are considered for inclusion in the search. It is possible to define a range of Accession Numbers by specifying both the Upper and Lower limit. Items within this range are selected for inclusion in the search result.
Digital Material
  If you check Digital Material Only, the search result will include only those items having Multimedia Links associated with them. 

You can set the format for displaying the search result by selecting the options given below. Click Submit to apply the selected settings.

Sort Order: The items are displayed in chronological order. You can select the required column from the list for sorting the list of items.

Display Format: The items are displayed in Tabular format. You can change the format to see the Bibliography Report or Publication Report.

Items / Page: You can set the number of items to be displayed per page. by default 10 items are displayed per page.

To view the Circulation Details, click the Serial Number of the item. For the details please refer Item Details.