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1 Book Behzad Razavi Design of analog CMOS integrated circuits 19/Apr/2018 026262
2 Book Freydoon Mansouri (ed.) Topics on quantum gravity and beyond: Essays in honor of Louis Witten on his retirement, Univ. of Cincinnati, USA, 3-4 April 199 02/Apr/2018 OB0952
3 Book Federico Rosei Survival skills for scientists 02/Apr/2018 OB0951
4 Book Milorad Mladjenovic History of early nuclear physics (1896-1931) 02/Apr/2018 OB0936
5 Book R. Huerta (ed.) Particles and fields 02/Apr/2018 OB0945
6 Book David Linker Mathematics: Problem-Solving Challenges for Secondary School Students and Beyond 02/Apr/2018 OB0942
7 Book Michael Woolfson Formation of the solar system: Theories Old and New 02/Apr/2018 OB0934
8 Book Sihui Wang (ed.) International young physicists' tournament: Problems and Solutions 2012-2013: Collection of Works for IYPT Problems (25th - 26th 02/Apr/2018 OB0938
9 Book J.W.F. Valle (ed.) Cosmological dark matter 02/Apr/2018 OB0930
10 Book Michael D. Smith Origin of stars 02/Apr/2018 OB0944
11 Book Hagen Kleinert Particles and quantum fields 02/Apr/2018 OB0946
12 Book HOYLE FRED Proofs that life is cosmic 02/Apr/2018 OB0949
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