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1 eBook WEBB, J R Extragalactic astrophysics 16/Aug/2018 OB0995
2 eBook NAKAMURA, G Inverse modeling- An Introduction to the Theory and Methods of Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation 16/Aug/2018 OB0997
3 eBook MACDONALD, J Structure and evolution of single stars: An Introduction 16/Aug/2018 OB1005
4 eBook SCHWALM, W A Lectures on selected topics in mathematical physics: Introduction to Lie Theory with Applications 16/Aug/2018 OB0999
5 eBook COLACINO, C N Stochastic gravitational wave background theory 16/Aug/2018 OB1004
6 eBook RUBENSSON , J-E Synchrotron radiation: An Introduction 16/Aug/2018 OB1006
7 eBook LEVESQUE, E M Astrophysics of red supergiants 16/Aug/2018 OB0990
8 eBook SWANSON, M Classical field theory and the stress-energy tensor 16/Aug/2018 OB0991
9 eBook TYSON, R K Principles and applications of fourier optics 16/Aug/2018 OB1001
10 eBook KIM, Y S Physics of the lorentz group 16/Aug/2018 OB1000
11 eBook SEIGAR, M S Dark matter in the universe 16/Aug/2018 OB0993
12 eBook KOLATA, J Elementary cosmology: From Aristotle's Universe to the Big Bang and Beyond 16/Aug/2018 OB0994
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