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 #  Item Type Author Title AccnDate Accession#
13 Book Mark Brake Alien life imagined 01/Feb/2018 OB0615
14 Book Bengt E. Westerlund The Magellanic Clouds 01/Feb/2018 OB0707
15 Book Jacqueline Mitton Cambridge illustrated dictionary of astronomy 01/Feb/2018 OB0591
16 Book Robert Stawell Ball Star-Land 01/Feb/2018 OB0614
17 Book Steven J. Dick Discovery and classification in astronomy 01/Feb/2018 OB0716
18 Book John Browning How to Work with the Spectroscope 01/Feb/2018 OB0717
19 Book Robert Burnham and Wil Tirion Exploring the starry sky 01/Feb/2018 OB0682
20 Book edited by T. Roca Corte??s, F. Sa??nchez The structure of the sun 01/Feb/2018 OB0659
21 Book Jean Kovalevsky, P. Kenneth Seidelmann Fundamentals of astrometry 01/Feb/2018 OB0701
22 Book edited by P.A. Hughes Beams and jets in astrophysics 01/Feb/2018 OB0616
23 Book Harold Hill A portfolio of lunar drawings 01/Feb/2018 OB0605
24 Book John Naylor Out of the blue 01/Feb/2018 OB0737
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