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13 eBook WILLIAMS, J H Quantifying measurement: The Tyranny of Numbers 16/Aug/2018 OB1002
14 eBook HALL, M J W General relativity: An Introduction to Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Cosmology 16/Aug/2018 OB0996
15 eBook EVANS, N Theories of matter, space and time: Classical Theories 16/Aug/2018 OB1007
16 Book PANG, T. Introduction to quantum Monte Carlo methods 16/Aug/2018 OB0989
17 eBook FYTA, M Computational approaches in physics 16/Aug/2018 OB0992
18 eBook SCHWALM, W Lectures on selected topics in mathematical physics: Elliptic Functions and Elliptic Integrals 16/Aug/2018 OB0998
19 eBook LAMERS, H Understanding stellar evolution 16/Aug/2018 OB1008
20 eBook SEIGAR, M Spiral structures in galaxies 16/Aug/2018 OB1003
21 Book Jayant V. Narlikar Elements of cosmology 29/Jul/2018 026266
22 Book Rebecca Thomas User guide to the Unix system: Includes Bell system V and Berkeley Unix 29/Jul/2018 026267
23 Book Patricia Fara Newton: The Making of Genius 25/Jul/2018 026265
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