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 #  Item Type Author Title AccnDate Accession#
157 Book Roger J. Tayler The stars 01/Feb/2018 OB0714
158 Book John Louis Emil Dreyer, H. H. Turner History of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1820-1920 01/Feb/2018 OB0645
159 Book edited by Evencio Mediavilla [and three others] Astrophysical applications of gravitational lensing 01/Feb/2018 OB0602
160 Book Simon Mitton Fred Hoyle 01/Feb/2018 OB0661
161 Book Sergei Sazhin Whistler-mode waves in a hot plasma 01/Feb/2018 OB0590
162 Book Milton D. Heifetz & Wil Tirion A walk through the southern sky 01/Feb/2018 OB0742
163 Book Alan Chu, Wolfgang Paech, Mario Weigand ; translated by Storm Dunlop The Cambridge photographic moon atlas 01/Feb/2018 OB0728
164 Book Hale Bradt Astrophysics processes 01/Feb/2018 OB0713
165 Book Ronald Stoyan [and others] Atlas of the Messier objects 01/Feb/2018 OB0678
166 Book Roger J. Tayler Galaxies, structure and evolution 01/Feb/2018 OB0721
167 Book edited by G. Tenorio-Tagle Violent star formation from 30 Doradus to QSOs 01/Feb/2018 OB0625
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