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121 eBook James E. Pringle, Andrew King Astrophysical flows 03/Oct/2018 OB1026
122 Book R.W. Hilditch Introduction to close binary stars 03/Oct/2018 OB1020
123 Book Neb Duric Advanced astrophysics 03/Oct/2018 OB1027
124 Book Arnab Rai Choudhuri Astrophysics for physicists 03/Oct/2018 OB1025
125 eBook JACOBS, KURT Stochastic processes for physicists: Understanding Noisy Systems 03/Oct/2018 OB1013
126 Book T. Padmanabhan Theoretical astrophysics. Vol III : Galaxies and cosmology 03/Oct/2018 OB1011
127 Book Rennan Barkana Encyclopedia of cosmology Vol. 1: Galaxy Formation and Evolution 25/Sep/2018 026272
128 Book Shinji Tsujikawa Encyclopedia of cosmology Vol. 3: Dark Energy 25/Sep/2018 026274
129 Book Jihn E Kim Encyclopedia of cosmology Vol. 4: Dark Matter 25/Sep/2018 026275
130 Book Kentaro Nagamine (ed.) Encyclopedia of cosmology Vol. 2: Numerical Simulations in Cosmology 25/Sep/2018 026273
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