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1 Lancelot Hogben Man must measure: The Wonderful World of Mathematics 025562 1955 Book  
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TitleMan must measure: The Wonderful World of Mathematics
Author(s)Lancelot Hogben
PublicationLondon, Rathbone Books, 1955.
Abstract NoteThis book tells story of our world and the creatures which live on it. It begins and ends in space, but the story it unfolds has no end. We see how the mountains and oceans were formed and how, in the slow process of time, primitive life appeared in the warm seas. We watch living things gradually evolve unitl Man apprears on the seen to meet the challenge of Nature. Field and hedgerow replace the wild growth of primeval prairie and forest. Man learns to work hand in hand with Nature, respecting the husbanding her resources to ensure his own welfare and happiness. Shadow relief maps, photographed from three-dimensional models, use the shadows cast by the earth’s wrinkled face to show the heights of mountains, the depths of valleys, the flatness of plains. Realistic colouring gives a vivid impression of grassland and desert, tundra and jungle. Isotype diagrams show clearly how Nature and Man have shaped, and are shaping, our world. Richly coloured paintings sum up each stage of the story in a dramatic composite scene.
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