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TitleExperiments with light
Author(s)Ajoy Ghatak
PublicationNew Delhi, Viva Books, 2015.
Descriptionx, 142p.+DVD
Abstract NoteEver since the fabrication of the first laser in 1960, research and development in the area of optics has grown with tremendous rapidity. Optics has now become an extremely important area of study in schools, colleges and universities. Furthermore, because of numerous applications of optics, the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). There will be yearlong festivals associated with the International Year of Light. The present book (written primarily to enthuse young students to study more about light) is a part of the celebration of the International Year of Light.
Contents Note1. Power Point slides of all diagrams & photographs in the book 2. Power Point slides of a few animations explaining the concepts. 3. A video clip showing effects of a focused light beam from a fiber laser; video courtesy: Professor David Payne, University of Southampton 4. A video clip showing Einstein explaining E = mc2. 5. Richard Feynman’s Messenger Lecture on “The Double Slit Paradox: Particle or Wave” 6. Lecture 1 is a popular lecture on “Fiber Optics: A Brief History” – Recording Courtesy: IIT Delhi. 7. Lecture 2 is on “Einstein & E = mc2” – Recording Courtesy: IIT Delhi. 8. Lecture 3 is on “The Light Quantum” – Recording Courtesy: IIT Delhi. 9. Lecture 4 is a general lecture on “Einstein & His Year of Miracles” – Recording Courtesy: Dr. Anil Roy @ Ahmedabad.
ISBN,Price9788130931661 : Rs. 495.00(PB)
Item TypeBook

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